Chronology by Amanda Foreman

  • 1757 Birth of Lady Georgiana Spencer
    First public concert in Philadelphia
  • 1758 Colonel George Washington and John Forbes take Fort Duquesne, later renamed Pittsburgh
  • 1760 George III becomes king on the death of his grandfather, George II
  • 1763 End of French and Indian War. Canada and Nova Scotia ceded to Britain
  • 1769 Lord North becomes prime minister
  • 1770 Boston Massacre
  • 1774 Marriage of Lady Georgiana Spencer to 5th Duke of Devonshire
    Continental Congress of Philadelphia
  • 1775 War of Independence starts
    British Whig party states its support for the American colonists
  • 1782 George Washington’s victory over the British forces Prime Minister Lord North to resign
    Lady Elizabeth Foster (Bess) enters Georgiana’s life
  • 1783 Peace declared between Britain and America
    Birth of Georgiana’s first child, Lady Georgiana Cavendish
  • 1789 George III recovers from insanity. Resolution of the Regency crisis
    George Washington inaugurated as president of the United States
    Beginning of the French Revolution
    Georgiana, the Duke, and Bess go to France
  • 1791 Georgiana sent into exile
    Thomas Paine publishes The Rights of Man
  • 1793 Georgiana and Bess allowed to return to London
    France declares war on Britain
  • 1796 Georgiana suffers catastrophic illness
    George Washington refuses to accept a third term as president
  • 1806 The Whig party wins power
    The Burr plot in the United States
    Death of Prime Minister William Pitt, Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, and Charles James Fox

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