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The Duchess and Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire


  • The New York Times – 23 January 2000  
    Party Girl
    By Patricia T. O’Conner
  • Wall Street Journal – January 2000
    “The People`s Duchess”
    By Ned Crabb
    “Ms. Foreman’s intelligent insights on domestic, social and political aspects of this time and her judicious psychological interpretation of her subject’s behavior flow smoothly, and with no pontificating, into the story.”
  • The New Yorker – 17 January 2000  
    The High Life: Sex and Gambling in Eighteenth Century England
    By Francine du Plessix Gray
  • Vogue – January 2000
    “Amanda Foreman takes on the Duchess of Devonshire”
    By Jean Nathan
    “Foreman . . . deploys her full energy and impressive command of the material to telling the story of Georgiana, and by the end we are exactly where she wants us: hopelessly enthralled.”


  • The Sunday Times – 18 May 1998
    Hostess with the mostest
    By Roy Strong
    “Outstanding . . . a young biographer fully in control of her sources, and with an easy and elegant writing style.”
  • The Daily Telegraph – May 1998
    Legendarily extravagant  
    By Philip Ziegler
    “This is an accomplished and well-written biography; remarkably mature for a first effort; diligently researched and entertainingly presented. Amanda Foreman is a writer to watch and one from whom much can be expected.”
  • The Evening Standard – Unknown
    Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire
    By Roy Porter
    “Georgiana is a capital biography and a splendid debut for Ms. Foreman.”

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Other Books

  • What Might Have Been: Imaginary History from Twelve Leading Historians
    By Andrew Roberts
  • The Wall Street Journal – 5 April 2006
    A Shot Heard Round the World
    By Christopher Hill
    “Ms. Jardine writes with fluid precision and offers many dashes of historical color. Her description of the ingeniously complex firing mechanism of the wheel-lock pistol is by itself worth the price of the book.”
  • Publisher’s Weekly – 7 February 2006
    “[Jardine’s] scholarship is broad, as she dissects William’s lasting reputation for tolerance as a product of the writings of his supporters and traces the technology, uses and symbolism of the wheel-lock pistol used to kill him.”
  • The Independent – 18 August 2005
    The Awful End of Prince William the Silent by Lisa Jardine
    By Frank McLynn
    “Ingenious . . . Jardine’s book is a refreshing foray into an area often neglected by historians . . .”
  • The Observer – 5 June 2005
    Number One with a Bullet
    By Peter Preston
    “an engrossing, spritely read.”
  • The Spectator – 14 May 2005
    Murder Made Easy
    By Robert Stewart
    “There is much that is good in [The Awful End of Prince William the Silent ], about new handguns, their use in crime and warfare, and their role as fashionable accessories (notably in portraiture) of the rich and proud; about the ‘spinning’ ride in Renaissance pamphlet wars; and about the age’s wantonly cruel methods of torture and execution.”
  • Kristallnacht: Prelude to Destruction
    By Martin Gilbert