Praise for The Duchess


“A rollicking, delectable account of the life and times of the eighteenth-century political power broker and doyenne of high society.”

—The Wall Street Journal

“Foreman’s book is scholarly without the boredom that can accompany that term. In many ways, it reads like a Gothic romance but has none of the bodice-ripping details that make you wince.” —Chicago Tribune

“A compelling story. An exemplary work of biography as judicious as it is engaging.” —Los Angeles Times

“A sprawling, hypnotic, beautifully told and deeply affecting story of power, wealth, politics, sexual license, revolution, love and addiction that’s tailor-made for a miniseries.” —Detroit Free Press

“Simply, seamlessly draws you into Georgiana’s world. There, you might find a surprising postmodern resonance.” —The Washington Post

“This meticulously researched biography reads like a racy historical novel, providing a unique look at a fascinating woman.” —People

“The subject of Amanda Foreman’s penetrating and enormously entertaining biography inhabited a world more fevered and eventful than any comedy of manners.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Richly detailed biography. Provocative and entertaining.” New York Newsday

“[Foreman] deploys her full energy—and impressive command of the material—to telling the story of Georgiana, and by the end we are exactly where she wants us: hopelessly enthralled. A view of history at once scholarly and full of immediacy and daily life. Wonderfully detailed.” —Vogue

“A thoroughly researched, illuminating and engaging biography. Foreman does a fine job guiding you through the arcane maneuvers of the Whig Party. And she conjures a broad Enlightenment Era canvas that extends to the French Revolution. But the most absorbing, and surprising, aspects of this biography are the accounts of Georgiana’s struggles with some very recognizable maladies, and a highly unconventional domestic life.” —The Seattle Times

“In Foreman’s assured hands, Georgiana’s life illuminates gender issues in a society in which women were meant to be seen and not heard.” —Entertainment Weekly

“Intelligent and focused biography of this fascinating eighteenth-century woman. Tells well the story of a woman very much of her time and so interesting to ours.” New York Daily News

“Hugely entertaining. An impressive feat of relentless research and careful speculation, presented in a lucid, assured prose that organizes and delivers an astonishing amount of information. Deliciously detailed in its revelations.” —Rocky Mountain News

“Transcends the academic, depicting a complex woman thoroughly and with style.” —BookPage

“Remarkable. A story rich in history, as well as in male and female characters.” —The Tampa Tribune

“Elegantly written and immaculately researched.” —Mirabella

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