Kristallnacht by Martin Gilbert

An account of the devastating attacks on Jews and Jewish property, and the destruction of more than a thousand synagogues in Germany and Austria on 9/10 November 1938, and of the fate of the Jews who witnessed that destruction. A study of the German and Austrian Jewish struggle to emigrate, and the story of those diplomats and other individuals in Germany and outside it who did what they could to help Jews and to facilitate their emigration. Incorporates more than fifty eyewitness accounts that were sent to the author while he was writing the book.


Factual, well documented and brilliant, Martin Gilbert’s book on Crystal Night is a poignant lesson’.
Elie Wiesel

This incisive, heartbreaking account.’

Searing and specific… a well-written survey of a turning point in modern history.’ KIRKUS REVIEWS

… a poignant account of a tragic event…Professor Holger H. Herwig, THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL’

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